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Fox News Radio Host Compares Atheists to Nazis (Video)

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes recently compared atheists to Nazis because of lawsuits filed by non-religious people to make sure the U.S. government doesn't endorse a specific religion.

Appearing on Fox News' "Hannity" last night, Starnes praised the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling that prayers could be recited at government meetings.

In a slim 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prayers could even favor one religion, in this case, Christianity, noted The Washington Post.

According to (video below), Starnes stated, "Always a good day when the anti-Christian folks get smacked down by the Supreme Court."

“The Obama administration has been waging a war against people of the Christian faith," claimed Starnes. "It’s not covered in the mainstream media, it’s covered here at the Fox News Channel.”

However, Starnes failed to mention that many of his stories "at the Fox News Channel" about the "war against people of the Christian faith" have been repeatedly debunked by

Starnes then made the unfounded claim that atheists would try to remove the word "creator" from the Declaration of Independence.

“Let’s say the atheists are successful in removing creator out of that sentence, alright?” Starnes stated. “Who do we put in there? I mean, look, the Germans tried it with Hitler. It didn’t work out very well with them. Look at what happened in Italy [Mussolini].”

However, notes that Hitler, like Starnes, favored public prayers about Christianity (to support the Nazi regime).

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