Fox News Hosts Outraged By Atheist Opposition To Celebrating Christmas In School (Video)

Fox Business host Stuart Varney and Fox Radio host Todd Starnes expressed their outrage on Dec. 22 that Catherine Gordon, a teacher at Bangor High School in Maine, was told to take down her "Hello Kitty" Christmas tree, but was later allowed to put it back up (video below).

“In this case, no one even complained,” Starnes says, “And the principal was just very concerned that someone might take offense and actually told the teacher, who had had a Christmas tree in her room for 30 years -- 30 years -- that this tree might cause someone to be offended because it represents a religion.”

"Not one child said it was inappropriate or made them feel uncomfortable," Gordon previously told Starnes.

Gordon reminisced about the days when teachers hosted Christmas parties, served Christmas cookies, sang Christmas carols and decorated Christmas trees at school.

“None of that is allowed now,” Gordon reportedly wrote on Facebook. “I feel that this is definitely a turning point in our society -- when everything offends everyone all the time.”

“It just sucks the joy out of everything,” she added.

“She said that they’re just sucking the joy out of Christmas,” Starnes said on Fox Business. "And that’s exactly what they’re doing."

“Sucking the joy out of Christmas," Varney echoed.

“And look at what’s filling the void,” Starnes said. “You’ve got the rise of Islam across Western Europe right now. I think we need to start paying really close attention because here in this country, we are right on the cusp of that purge, getting rid of Christianity from the public marketplace. And what’s going to fill the void? It will be secular humanism.”

Activist groups in the U.S. oppose the promotion of Christianity by the government on government grounds.

“But the issue here is do you have the guts, do you have the courage to fight these atheists and these progressives?” Starnes asked.

Starnes went on to say that Christian law firms such as the Liberty Institute, which failed to defend Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, and Alliance Defending Freedom were willing to defend schools that promoted Christianity.

Sources: Raw Story, Fox News / Photo credit: YouTube

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