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Fox News Host: Trump's Election Was Divine Intervention (Video)

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes announced on Feb. 9 that the election of President Donald Trump was divine intervention from God, who has decided to give Christians a second chance (video below).

Starnes made his supernatural revelations while promoting his new book "The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again" on the American Pastors Network’s "Stand In The Gap" radio show, notes Right Wing Watch:

Franklin Graham, I interviewed him for this book, and he was so gracious to endorse this project. He told me that we were at a moral tipping point, and I'm not sure if people understand what was literally at stake, and how close we were to losing the country and to losing the culture if Hillary Clinton had won.

Losing the Supreme Court, not just for an election cycle, but for generations. That's how much was at stake here. And I think that message resonated with people, I think it resonated with Christians across the country.

I would not discount the power of what Franklin Graham did [with his "Decision America Tour"]. He did not endorse, but what he did do in 2016 was stage massive prayer gatherings at every single state capital in the country.

And I believe that we experienced divine intervention last November and I believe that God was giving us a second chance. So we’ve been given a second chance, and Christians, we’ve got to stand up and we’ve got to get it right.

After Starnes advised Christians to "get it right" on Feb. 9, Graham compared Planned Parenthood to Adolf Hitler on Feb. 10 on Facebook:

In a recent three-year period, Planned Parenthood killed nearly one million babies in the womb -- what a tragedy. Taxpayer dollars, withheld from American paychecks should never be used to fund a Hitleristic organization whose conduct many see as insidious, evil, unjust, and even criminal. How do they keep on slaughtering little ones, and yet portray themselves as health clinics? Death is their prescription.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Franklin Graham/Facebook / Photo Credit: Todd Starnes/Twitter

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