Fox News Claims Double Standard for Tim Tebow, Michael Sam (Video)

Conservatives are claiming that former NFL player Tim Tebow was mocked for his public displays of Christianity ("Tebowing"), but the first openly-gay NFL player Michael Sam is being lauded for kissing his lover on Saturday after hearing that he had been drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

Talking Points Memo notes that DeMarcus Walker, a defensive end for the Florida State Seminoles, wrote on Twitter, "Y'all praise Michael Sam for being gay but y'all mocked Tim Tebow for being a Christian."

Walker's tweet was reported by the conservative website Twitchy and Glenn Beck's TheBlaze.

According to MediaMatters.org, "Fox & Friends" complained about the so-called double standard, as did their guest, Donald Trump, this morning (video below).

"Well, I guess there must be because Tim Tebow, he went through hell. They went after him like crazy," claimed Trump, who ignored the abuse Sam has gotten on Twitter.

"Double-standard? Well, maybe it's more like, 'Well, religion, that's just not cool,'" co-host Steve Doocy complained. "You know, it's just not cool. How many times have we talked about how in various venues religion, and in particular Christianity, is mocked?"

"But certain things are okay, it seems," grumbled co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Trump, whose own personal life has been a series of public train wrecks, added that Sam kissing his boyfriend "looked pretty out there to me... We've become so politically correct in this country that the country is going to hell" (video below).

Sources: Talking Points Memo, MediaMatters.org, Twitchy, TheBlaze, TIME magazine


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