Fox News, Christian Radio Host Defend CIA Torture (Video)

After a five-year investigation, the Senate Intelligence Committee finally released its executive summary on the CIA's torture of people during the Bush administration.

While in office, President Bush and Vice President Cheney referred to the actions taken by the CIA as "enhanced interrogation."

According to Mother Jones, the torture report says that CIA officers engaged in rectal feeding of detainees, threatened the children of detainees and promised to sexually assault and kill the mothers of detainees. The CIA tortured one detainee for not calling a CIA officer "Sir" and complaining about a stomach ache.

The CIA knowingly detained 26 people even though they didn't meet the legal guidelines of detention per a Bush administration 2011 memo. The CIA also started torturing people even before it was determined whether or not the detainees would be cooperative.

CIA officers told their superiors that torture wasn't producing good information from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but the CIA officials failed to tell Congress. The CIA didn't tell President Bush where its torture facilities (black sites) were because it didn't trust him not to "accidentally disclose" the information.

However, it was not the actual torture that upset conservatives, but rather the public disclosure of the torture.

This afternoon, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros attacked Democrats for revealing the facts hidden by the CIA, noted Mediaite.com (video below).

“The United States of America is awesome,” said Tantaros. “We are awesome. But we’ve had this discussion. We’ve closed the book on it. The reason they want the discussion is not to show how awesome we are. It’s to show us how we’re not awesome. They apologized for something."

“They don’t like this country,” added Tantaros. “They want us to look bad and all this does is have our enemies laughing at us.”

MediaMatters.org noted that Fox News host Sean Hannity defended the torture on his radio show (audio below). Hannity said he was "certain that American lives were saved" because of the CIA torture, but didn't offer any proof.

"I celebrate what the CIA did in the aftermath of 9/11," said Fox News host Eric Bolling (video below), reported MediaMatters.org "3,000 people lost their lives downtown. We were angry. America was on our heels, we didn't know what to do, and the CIA came forward, and they aggressively interrogated, legally, aggressively interrogated some bad guys. And they got some intel that led to the capture of Osama bin Laden."

However, the Senate report contradicted that claim. According to another article by Mother Jones, the report said the detainee that led them to Abu Ahmad al-Kuwaiti, the courier who was followed by the U.S. to Bin Laden's compound, was not tortured by the CIA.

American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios slammed the CIA torture report today on her show, even after admitting that she hadn't read it, noted RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

“When I see the Islamists beheading, cruelly torturing and beheading Americans, I’m not too concerned about waterboarding them,” said Rios.

The Christian radio host then dismissed people who believe the U.S. should not torture and take a “high moral ground."

“It’s not like we beheaded them to see what it felt like," added Rios.

However, President Reagan opposed torture in 1984, noted The Atlantic, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said today that CIA torture  “stained our national honor, did much harm and little practical good," reported Mediaite.com.

“What might come as a surprise, not just to our enemies, but to many Americans, is how little these practices did to aid our efforts to bring 9/11 culprits to justice and to find and prevent terrorist attacks today and tomorrow,” added Sen. McCain, who spoke from the Senate floor.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org, Mediaite.com, MediaMatters.org, Mother Jones, The Atlantic


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