'Fox & Friends' Upset That Students Are Learning About Islam (Video)

The hosts of the Fox News program "Fox & Friends" were upset this morning after reporting that a Wisconsin high school was teaching students about Islam in a world history class.

Conservative radio host Vicki McKenna obtained emails showing that Union Grove High School asked students to write a paper in which they would pretend to be Muslims and mention the struggles that they would face living in the U.S., noted MediaMatters.org (video below).

Salon.com noted that "Fox & Friends" co-host Steve Doocy stated:

Big question is, I wonder if any of the kids who took that assignment, said "Pretend You Are a Muslim," actually wrote down, for instance, what Sharia law is and, you know, what’s involved in that? And if they did, I wonder what their grades were.

However, there is no Sharia law in the U.S. so that would not logically make sense in this school assignment.

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck wanted to know if the school was teaching the 10th graders about any other religions.

Brian Kilmeade asked the viewing audience: "Do us a favor, maybe you think this is a great idea and give people a sense of tolerance or maybe you don’t and you agree with me. Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter."

Sources: MediaMatters.org, Salon.com
Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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