Fox & Friends Upset God Isn't Used in Beer Commercial (Video)


This morning "Fox & Friends" were upset that a new Samuel Adams beer commercial does not use God as a prop to sell alcohol.

The bartender in the commercial (video below) is pouring a beer while quoting the Declaration of Independence, but he fails to mention “unalienable rights” were “endowed by their creator” while preparing the booze.

Samuel Adams actually had to release a statement to Fox News as to why they don't use God to shill their product: "While we understand your objection to the omission of the phrase “by our creator” in other circumstances (after all, they occur in the Declaration of independence which Samuel Adams signed and helped author) we believe it would be outside our industry guidelines to invoke those religious words in a beer commercial."

Fox & Friends fill-in host Jesse Waters was incensed that the creator of the universe was not being used as a gimmick to sell alcohol: “When political correctness takes over the beer advertising industry, the terrorists have won."

“I mean, this is absolutely outrageous. Maybe because Sam Adams was the tea party guy, he started the Boston tea party–maybe the tea party is being targeted here, guys?”

“It’s weird to think that the beer code ethics guideline, whatever bogus organization that is, has more authority than our Declaration of Independence,” fill-in host Clayton Morris added. “If the beer code comes calling and says, by the way, you put God in your advertise, we’re not having it. Why don’t you pull out the Declaration of Independence and say ‘I have this document here, does this trump yours?’”

Neither Watters or Morris mentioned the many warnings in the Bible against getting drunk and the opposition of the three major religions to drinking alcohol.



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