Four Year Old Pakistani Girl Raped By Chief Cleric On First Day At Her New Seminary


A four-year-old Pakistani girl was taken to the hospital after her first day at a local seminary because she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a cleric. The young girl was attending the Shaheedanwala seminary in a neighborhood nearby her village of Nawan Shehr in Mailsi. Her father claims that the chief cleric of the seminary had instructed him to drop his daughter off at his office because it was his daughters first day, and that he would help introduce her to other students. 

When the father returned, he found the door to the chief cleric’s office locked with his daughter alone inside and unconscious. She was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition and underwent surgery. According to the International Tribune, doctors relayed that the girl’s examination confirmed evidence of rape. 

The chief cleric was ultimately arrested and charged with the girl’s abuse. He was found hiding at another nearby seminary. 

The incident has sparked outrage throughout the region, and the man responsible has received several threats. He has been moved to an undisclosed location while he awaits further prosecution due to these threats.

According to publications such as the Washington Post, Pakistan has struggled with the issue of child rape for some time now. Due to the increasing popularity and openness offered by social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the formerly taboo subject is being more commonly discussed. The government’s monopoly on electronic media ended in 2002, so individuals now have more freedom in reporting instances of child abuse. Pakistanis have acknowledged that child rape is an issue within their country, and they are making efforts in order to curb the crimes. 


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