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14-Year-Old Girl Murdered By Four Male Relatives In 'Honor Killing'

Four men have been charged with murdering a 14-year-old Arab girl because she left her home without a chaperone, Israeli prosecutors said last week. 

The accused are all relatives of the victim, Fatma Hayb, and are residents of the village of Tuba Zangaria in Upper Galilee.

Prosecutors from Israel’s Northern Region filed the indictment Thursday in Nazareth District Court. 

The court documents allege that the victim’s brother, 24-year-old Mustafa Hayb, and three of her cousins — Majed Hayb, 20, Issa Hayb, 20, and Bashar Hayb, 19 — all conspired to kill the girl because she was promiscuous, according to

The indictment alleges that Bashar and Issa Hayb confronted the young girl on June 12 while she was sitting on her front porch. They allegedly shot her at least eight times with a 9mm pistol.

The charging documents also claim that Mustafa and Majed Hayb had spoken to the girl before and had threatened her because she was leaving her home without permission and wandering the streets without a chaperone. Her brother and Majed Hayb arranged for the other two cousins to get the gun and confront the girl at her home, prosecutors said.

Mustafa Hayb is also charged with trying to harm another sister just 11 days before Fatma Hayb was killed. 

The indictment for that charge claims Mustafa Hayb chased his 20-year-old sister with a knife after she angered him by staying out one night until 9:30 p.m.

All four men are charged with murder, conspiracy to commit a crime and weapons offenses. Mustafa and Majed Hayb are also charged with menacing.

All four men deny the charges. 

Mustafa Hayb’s attorney, Said Haddad, told Haaretz that his client denies “that he had any connection to the murder or desired his sister’s death.”

Haddad said his client did know that the cousins were planing to injure his sister as a warning to get her to change her behavior, but he had no idea they would kill her. 

Mustafa Hayb went along with those plans because the cousins allegedly threatened to kill him if he did not participate.

These threats kept Mustafa Hayb from going to police because “any attempt to change things would have brought his life to an end,” Haddad said.

The prosecution has asked that the four men be kept in custody pending the outcome of the trial.

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Photo Source: Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo/Times Of San Diego,


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