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Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Malik Calls Himself ‘Mujahideen’ At Court Martial Trial

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The Army psychiatrist who killed 13 people during a bloody rampage at Fort Hood in 2009 is serving as his own lawyer in the ongoing court martial trial. On Tuesday, Maj. Nidal Malik called himself a "mujahideen" and told a military jury that the dead bodies he left behind him "show that war is an ugly thing." The term apparently refers to “Islamic guerrilla fighters especially in the Middle East.” He faces the death penalty.

"The evidence presented in this trial will only show one side, that I was on the wrong side, and then I switched sides," Hasan said. "We the Mujahideen are imperfect Muslims trying to establish the perfect religion in the land of the supreme god. The evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter. The dead bodies will show that war is an ugly thing."

Hasan, 42, had originally planned to defend himself by saying that he killed the U.S. troops to protect Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. The judge told him that he could not use that defense.

During the course of the trial, more than 30 people who were wounded are expected to have to take the witness stand and face the man that shot them. Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford is expected to testify. He said he looked forward to seeing the man that wounded him, Fox News reported.

"I'm not going to dread anything. That's a sign of fear," Lunsford said. "That man strikes no fear in my heart. He strikes no fear in my family. What he did to me was bad. But the biggest mistake that he made was I survived. So he will see me again."

Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning is not looking forward to the anticipated confrontation.

"I have to keep my composure and not go after the guy," said Manning. "I'm not afraid of him, obviously. He's a paralyzed guy in a wheelchair, but it's sickening that he's still living and breathing."

The judge warned jurors that they should prepare for a trial that could last several months.

Sources: Fox News, Federalist Press


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