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'Forces' Are 'Trying to Separate God From Our School' Says Bakersfield, CA Vice Mayor (Video)

Tuesday is the first day of the new school year in Bakersfield, California.

About 100 people, including families and community members, came together for "School Prayer Day" on Monday to say a prayer for the new school year (video below).

The event featured four local pastors, California State Sen. Jean Fuller (R) and California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R), noted 23ABC News.

“A lot of forces are trying to separate God from our school, but I think it’s time we realize you can’t take God out of education, ” Bakersfield Vice Mayor Ken Weir said at the event.

Weir did not explain what he specifically meant by taking "God out of education."

However, others were concerned about guns and bullets getting into schools.

“We need to also be pray for their protection. Anything can happen at school campuses unfortunately,” said Lorenzo Botello, a pastor at Lifepoint Church, who specializes in crisis intervention.

Source: 23ABC News


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