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Football Great Tony Boselli Says Tim Tebow's 'Crazed Fans' Are Hurting His Career (Audio)

Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Tony Boselli recently said that Tim Tebow's "crazed fans" have created a "circus" and are making it a problem for the quarterback to be signed to a new team (audio below).

Tebow has become a sensation among many Christian fans for his outspoken faith and "Tebowing," in which he thanks God on the field.

"I like Tim and I think he's a great person, but if I were the Jaguars I would not do it," Boselli told the 'Open Mike' radio show, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

"I wouldn't do it because of the distraction. I'm not convinced either way on whether Tim could be a franchise quarterback ... The problem is people like this lawyer [John Morgan], the media and the crazed fans who are hurting Tebow."

Boselli, who played offensive tackle for the Jaguars between 1995 and 2001, said that Tebow hasn't been presented a solid offer yet because he may be seen as causing a "distraction."

"What team wants to bring a guy who's a developing player onto their roster when he's going to be a complete distraction, through no fault of his own, and become a disruption in the locker room? It becomes all about that, whether he is going to play, whether it's going to work and the rest of the team is saying, 'We're trying to win ballgames.' I feel bad for Tim because I don't think it's all his fault. It's outside circumstances and people who are making it tough on him," said Boselli.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

(Tebow part begins at 5:30 mark)


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