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Focus on the Family Slams Gay-Inclusive School Books, Lessons (Video)

Focus on the Family's political arm recently aired a new episode of their "Citizen Link Report" to warn parents about gay-inclusive materials in schools.

Candi Cushman warned viewers of on Tuesday that new school materials are going way past sex ed classes, noted

"In math class, for instance, there are lesson plan materials out there called 'Ready, Set, Respect,'" Cushman said (video below).

"This is created by one of the largest homosexual advocacy groups, called GLISEN. Let me give you an example of what they recommend [for teachers], 'Write math problems in context of a variety of family structures and gender expressions.' So the example they give is about Rosa and her dads going to the grocery store."

She then held up the children's book "10,000 Dresses" and said, "This is a book about a boy who likes to wear dresses." Cushman then noted the children's book "Uncle Bobby's Wedding" is "promoting same-sex marriage. It features two male guinea pigs."

Cushman warned these books could be used in anti-bullying classes.

"So we're seeing more of this, books being used to get inroads into kids' very young minds," Cushman said.

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