Focus on the Family Distorts Obama's Speech to Ohio State University (Video)

During a recent web broadcast of Citizen Link, Focus on the Family's political arm, host Stuart Shepard distorted some of President Obama's commencement speech to graduates at Ohio State University on May 5 (video below).

Shepard showed a clip from the speech where Obama stated: "We have never been a people who place all of our faith in government to solve our problems. We shouldn’t want to."

Shepard and an unidentified woman then claimed, without supporting evidence, that Obama's solution for "health care, economy, energy, poverty and housing" is "government."

Shepard then summarized President Obama's speech with several false claims.

"Then in a perfectly non-partisan fashion he sets his agenda for the students to tackle," said Shepard. "I can summarize it for you. Take more money from successful people, push little children into government pre-school, which means more government employees."

While the president did say "educate more children at a younger age" there was no mention of pushing "little children into government pre-school," according to a complete video (below) of the entire speech and the transcript.

Obama did not mention raising taxes or taking "more money from successful people."

Right after Shepard said "more government employees," a clip plays of Obama stating: "To build better roads and airports and faster Internet."

Shepard and the unnamed woman then mock Obama's call for a "faster Internet," which would actually benefit Americans.

CNN reported some of the benefits of a faster Internet would include better health care and education, while Fox News noted how a faster Internet helps in employment.

While Focus on the Family is a Christian organization, Shepard failed to mention President Obama asked graduates to help the sick and poor (as Jesus Christ did in the Bible): "To care for the sick and the vulnerable, and provide a basic level of protection from falling into abject poverty in the wealthiest nation on Earth. To conquer fascism and disease; to visit the Moon and Mars; to gradually secure our God-given rights for all of our citizens, regardless of who they are, or what they look like, or who they love."

Sources: CitizenLink.com, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News


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