Focus on the Family Compares Traditional Marriage to Stacking Dominoes Correctly (Video)


Focus on the Family's political arm,, recently produced a 'Stop Light" video that compared correctly stacking dominoes to traditional marriage, reports

The video (below) also said that gay marriage "trumps your right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech," but failed to support this claim.

At the beginning of the video, host Stuart Shepard demonstrated his love for stacking dominoes and stated: "The framework matters. Whether we are talking about dominoes, buildings or society."

"Over the centuries, people around the world have reached consensus on a foundational truth," said Shepard. "Kids do best when they are raised by their married biological mom and dad."

"And the benefits for children, and consequently, of society are why governments generally encourage marriage. The effort to redefine marriage does not come form that kind of understanding. It's not something that people suddenly realized is better for society. It's being sold to us, pushed on us," added Shepard.

"Changing the definition in law trumps changes what your children will learn in government schools, It trumps your right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. It places the full weight of government on the head of anyone who dares to disagree."

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