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Magic and God: The Flying Pharaohs

The Pharaohs Could Fly

Much of what people have regarded as magic and "god" over the centuries have really been things they just didn't understand so they attributed mystical significance to normal events.

A great example of this is a piece I read by Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions) who wrote that the ancient Egyptians could fly. Obviously, we know that they did not. They left us so many records in the form of artwork and writings that we would know if they had.

But, they had bamboo, papyrus, linen, and the thermals and steady winds of the Nile valley. They could have built gliders capable of sailing hundreds of miles. Unfortunately, they were ignorant of the laws of aerodynamics even though they were as much in effect then as now. But they didn't know, so they didn't go.

It's possible that there are laws of physics that we don't know about today that, if we did, we would be capable of feats as astounding to us as flying would have been to the Pharaohs, who would have assumed that was supernatural, but was only the application of physical laws effective for anyone.

Even today, we see the same thing when people, observing anything they do not understand, assume it has a supernatural source. "God cured me of cancer" "The lord was with us. It's a miracle only 12 people were killed.  It could have been worse." "I don't understand how evolution could possibly work, so it must have been god." 


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