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Florist Refused to Send Flowers to Teen Atheist Jessica Ahlquist

A Rhode Island teen was praised by atheists last year as she won a lawsuit against Cranston High School over a prayer mural, leading to its eventual removal. 

Jessica Ahlquist, 16, may have won many atheist fans, but she also gained some religious enemies. 

Peter Palumbo, Republican state representative, called her an "evil little thing," and soon after the suit, a local florist refused to deliver roses to Ahlquist due to "religious reasons."

The roses were sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who is now suing Marina Plowman, owner of Twins Florist in Cranston, R.I. 

The Foundation is arguing that the florist denied them access to public accommodations and violated state laws. 

It turns out, Ahlquist's enemies are far from her mind, as her supporters continually shower her with praise. 

Hemant Mehta, blogger at Friendly Atheist, started a scholarship fund for her after he learned of the lawsuit. The fund soon grew to $40,000.



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