Florida State University Trying to Stop 'Jameis Winston as Jesus' T-Shirts

Florida State University (FSU) school officials are trying to stop a T-shirt that depicts the Seminoles' freshman quarterback Jameis Winston as Jesus.

The T-shirts are being sold for $20 each by an anonymous student, who has hawked 100 so far to make a $2,000 profit.

The T-shirt features a drawing of Winston's face on the body of Jesus, with a halo over his head, noted TMZ.

Winston's jersey number, "5," is illuminated on his body and above his head the T-shirt reads: "The Chosen One, 2013."

Winston has six touchdown passes and one interception in the past two games. His pass completion rate is 88.9%, which breaks down to 40 of 45 passes this year.

In addition to possible Godhood, FSU fans see Winston as a possible candidate for this year's Heisman Trophy.

The FSU Athletic Department has sent a cease and desist letter to the student who has been selling "The Chosen One" T-shirts at games.

FSU and Winston himself are not allowed to profit from the football player's image or likeness.

Source: TMZ


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