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Florida Sheriff's Office Displays 'In God We Trust' On Patrol Vehicles

Bay County, Florida, Sheriff Frank McKeithen has started a new campaign to put bumper stickers with Florida's state motto on all of his patrol cars.

The motto 'In God We Trust' can be found on U.S. currency and some government buildings in states across the country, including Florida. 

McKeithen said his idea to place the motto on patrol cars came from his desire to increase morals and values in the workplace. 

"I certainly believe that the motto 'In God We Trust' is a perfect example of that and these are on my cars, they're gonna be on my cars until I'm not here," McKeithen said.

The Sheriff posted on Facebook that the motto will be visible on all Bay County Sheriff's Office vehicles and that his fellow officers supported the cause.

The bumper stickers were paid for by a local business.

Sources: Gulf Live, WJHG

Photo Credit: Gulf Live


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