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Florida Rep. Ritch Workman Charges High School AP Textbook Has Islamic Bias

A textbook being used in an Advanced Placement class at a Florida school is being reviewed after allegations have surfaced that it favors Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism. According to State Rep. Ritch Workman, the Prentice World History textbook does not accurately reflect Islamic history and it presents a biased version of the Muslim faith.

“The book has a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism,” Workman said. “It’s remarkably one-sided.”

Brevard County schools have been using the book for the past three years and it is on a state-approved list. There have not been any prior complaints.

Workman charges the book’s authors “make a very obvious attempt not to insult Islam by reshaping history.”

“If you don’t see it from the eyes of a parent, kids are going to take this book as gospel and believe that Christians and Jews were murderous barbarians and thank God the Muslims came along and the world is great,” he said. “It leaves out that tens of thousands of Jews and non-believers were massacred by Mohammed’s armies. It’s a blatant deception.”

School board member Amy Kneessy is also concerned about the book.

“Some of the descriptions of the battles use the word ‘massacre’ when it’s a Christian battle and ‘takeover’ when it’s a Muslim battle,” she said. “In young minds, massacre paints a very different visual picture than a takeover or occupation – when in fact both battles were very bloody.”

The publisher of the textbook, Pearson, said that the book is not biased, Fox News reported.

“Pearson and its authors adhere to the highest editorial standards when creating course materials, which undergo a rigorous review process,” said Pearson spokeswoman Susan Aspey. “A review of the book shows there is balanced attention given to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.”

Workman referred to her statement as “patently unfair and untrue.”

Sources: Fox News, Town Hall


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