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Florida Pastor Uses Lesbian Murder To Push For Discrimination Against Gay Marriages (Video)

Pastor Anthony Swain testified on Jan. 26 before the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee on SB 110, a proposed bill that would allow churches, church-related organizations and individuals to discriminate against same-sex marriages in the Sunshine State (video below).

In his opposition to the bill, Swain recalled a high school girl who was murdered by a childhood lesbian friend in Fort Lauderdale, according to Joe My God.

Swain said:

At Dillard High School about three years ago, a young lady approached another young lady that was not of a homosexual nature, and she wanted to have sex with her. She told her, "No, I don't do that," and the girl took out a gun and took her life in school, Dillard High School.

Not only is it affecting Dillard High School, but other high schools that we encounter and go to. They are very forceful and they are very demanding toward those that are of a Godly nature. And we ask you, we urge you, we beg you to pass this bill, vote "yes" on it, 110.

SB 110 does not mention murders or sexual harassment at schools.

According to the Florida House website, SB 110 states: "Providing that churches or religious organizations, related organizations, or certain individuals may not be required to solemnize any marriage or provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges for related purposes if such action would violate a sincerely held religious belief; prohibiting certain legal actions, penalties, or governmental sanctions against such individuals or entities, etc."

SB 110 passed the committee by a 7-3 vote.

Teah Wimberly, the 16-year-old high school shooter referred to by Swain, was convicted of second-degree murder under existing state law and was sentenced to 25 years in prison back in 2010, reported the Sun Sentinel.

Wimberly fatally shot Amanda Collette in November 2008, but her life was troubled long before the shooting.

Raised by her grandparents since she was a baby, Wimberly was sexually molested at age 6 by an unidentified family member.

She was beaten by her mother, who had a bipolar disorder, and her father, who is serving a jail sentence for attempted murder.

Wimberly was reportedly rejected by her family after revealing that she was a lesbian. She currently takes Lithium for her bipolar disorder.

Sources: Joe My God,, Sun Sentinel / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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