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Florida High School Football Coach Tries To Convert Students To Christianity (Video)

Jeremy Brown, the head football coach at A. Crawford Mosely High School in Lynn Haven, Florida, recently said that he tries to convert his student players to Christianity (video below).

"It's got to be sharing Christ with kids," Brown told WJHG. "It's got to be creating an environment where they can be successful. I'm in the business of earning crowns and not rings. If every kid on our football team is saved, then I've been successful as a coach."

"I know that it's probably not, maybe not politically correct, but at the end of the day, that's my heart and that's where I'm at," Brown added. "And we just want the kids to know we love them and that we're there for them, and that it is bigger than football."

However, it's not about being "politically correct" -- public school employees cannot proselytize students by law. That said, many support Brown.

"Well, I never really had a coach tell me about Christ or anything like that," student Ben Raybon said. "And how we pray every day before and after practice really helped me kind of get closer to Christ and helped me give the glory to Him."

"Well, he taught us that football's going to end and one day you won't play the game," Tommy Garred, another student, said. "And then if you have God, then everything will be alright in life."

"I don't agree with it," student Brandon Parish said. "I see where they're coming from with it because not everybody has the same views, but a lot of Christians respect the views that people have about them not wanting that, so I think they should just respect the views that Christians have about doing that."

When Brown took over as the coach in 2013, he didn't give any indication that he would be trying to convert the students to Christianity. At the time, he said:

I think just knowing the area, being from here, being from here is going to be a huge advantage. A lot of the guys I played with, that I competed against over the years, their kids go to school now. And I know a lot of those guys have players here. And I know we have some good athletes in the whole county; we've got some great athletes here.

And so just that history, trying to get it back to where Tommy Oliver is full on Friday night when there's a county game, I think that's the environment that I grew up in and I think the kids in our program, they deserve to be a part of that same type of environment.

Sources: WJHG (2) / Photo Credit: WJHG Screenshot

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