Florida Family Policy Council Claims Boy Scouts Will Molest Each Other if Gays Allowed (Audio)


Florida Family Policy Council head John Stemberger recently appeared on Janet Mefferd's Christian radio show to plug his new group 'On My Honor,' which opposes the inclusion of gays in the Boy Scouts of America.

As noted by RightWingWatch.org, Stemberger claimed that if the Boy Scouts of America allows gays, the problem won't be scoutmasters molesting scouts, but rather scouts molesting each other in “boy-on-boy” assaults because they think it's "hip" and "cool" to be gay (audio below).

"I think it is going to be boy-on-boy. My sister is a middle school teacher in Florida and she said, ‘John, everybody in the whole class is talking about ‘are you gay,’ ‘I’m gay,’ ‘I’m gender confused, what are you?’ It’s just like they don’t even know what they’re talking about," explained Stemberger. 

"It’s hip, it’s edgy to be gay and so they’re all saying they’re gay. They have no idea. Well if scouting sends the message, ‘we’re open for gays,’ you’re going to have so much nonsense going on between older boys and younger boys..."

He added: "If even two children, even one child is going to be molested by another boy in the program, that is enough compelling in my judgment to say no, we are not going to do this, there is no reason for it whatsoever."

Later in the interview, Stemberger claimed that the Girl Scouts is “being run by lesbians,” but failed to provide any proof.

The Boy Scouts of America was supposed to announce its decision on allowing gays in February, but said it would delay its decision until May, reported ABCNews.com. The Boy Scouts of America were expected to repeal the ban, leaving the decision to allow gays up to local Boy Scout troops.

Source: RightWingWatch.org and ABCNews.com


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