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Florida City Adds 'In God We Trust' To Official Seal

The city of Live Oak, Florida, agreed to add the motto “In God We Trust” to the city seal after a recent city council meeting.  

At the most recent Live Oak City Council meeting, Councilman John Yulee Sr. requested that a change to the city’s motto be discussed. Yules noted that he had wanted to bring the issue up for some time, since the county and Florida state’s motto both include the phrase.

Yules added that since every Council meeting begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, which contains the words “under god,” then the phrase “In God We Trust” should be included in the city’s seal.

Yule also noted that the phrase is a part of the community that should be reflected in the city seal.

Each member of the City Council voted in favor of changing the seal, according to City Clerk John W. Gill.

Gill added that Mayor Garth Nobles is currently working to determine how the phrase will be incorporated.

There is currently no deadline to include the phrase in the city seal. 

Sources: BizPac Review, WTXL-TV

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