Bible Recovered Undamaged Following Car Crash, Fire


A vehicle in Memphis, Tennessee, caught on fire and exploded on Feb. 21, reportedly destroying everything inside except a bible.

The bible was later discovered untouched in the front seat, according to WFTV 9.  

A 2014 Jeep Laredo had left the highway and burst into flames after another car swiped it. Eugene McNiel said he was only about 20 yards away when the crash happened.

“I jumped out of my truck – that’s the fastest I’ve ever ran,” McNiel told WFTV 9. “I didn’t care. I wanted to save that man’s life because I don’t want to see [anybody] get burned up in [a] car.”

The driver of the car was trapped in the driver's seat, according to WMC 5. However, McNiel and other witnesses were able to break the window and pull him out of the burning vehicle before it exploded.

Authorities later discovered an undamaged bible in the car.

“That is God,” McNiel told WFTV 9. “You don’t believe? I don’t know what to say.”

The driver was later transported to Regional One with non-critical injuries. 

Sources: WFTV 9, WMC 5 / Photo Credit: WFTV 9

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