'Fight Church' Pastor Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Wife Swapping (Video)

Pastor Paul Burress of the Victory Church in Rochester, N.Y. is being accused of sexual misconduct and wife swapping.

Pastor Burress recently appear in a documentary entitled "Fight Church," which focuses on evangelists engaging in the violent world of mixed martial arts (MMA), notes The Christian Post (video below).

BloodyElbow.com reports that an unidentified man sent a letter to the leaders of Victory Church in 2013 that claimed he was coerced by Burress into giving sexual back-rubs to his wife:

In 2009, I was at Paul Burress's house, where I was asked to perform a back-rub on Jill Burress, who had removed her shirt and bra. Paul made sure that my hand made contact with the side of a breast by moving it there with his own hand.

Paul also made sure that I touched her bare bottom. This happened on two occasions that year. Also in 2009, Paul showed me fully nude photos of his wife, and also showed me a pornographic video of him having sex with his wife. This occurred on several occasions that year.

The same man claims that Burress made sexual advances on two young female church members and told one of them at a coffee shop that he used to be a swinger and had engaged in wife swapping:

In 2012, after Paul had become senior pastor of Victory, on separate occasions, two young women came to Paul's house, alone, where they were going to have their "backs worked on." Paul's grandmother was in the attached apartment, but Jill was not home. These women were also not underage, they were in their 20s. The girls were asked to remove their shirts and bras because the straps got in the way. They both left Victory, and won't return, because they were frightened and disturbed by the sexual advances of the pastor.

One of the girls reportedly contacted the church shortly after the male source sent his letter to church authorities, but both were brushed aside.

In response to the allegations, Dr. Al Ogden, executive pastor and director of counseling at Victory Church, stated in an email to the church staff on June 13, 2013:

By now you have no doubt received the latest vindictive email attack against Paul and Victory. These unsubstantiated accusations are indicative of all the recent attacks. Paul was told that this was coming several weeks ago. So our enemies are in obviously collusion with each other.

Sources: The Christian Post and BloodyElbow.com


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