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Females Leading Law Enforcement at Navy Yard Shooting Upsets American Family Association (Audio)

During Monday's tragic mass shooting at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard, 12 people were killed, but it would have been worse without the quick response of law enforcement.

Sandy Rios, of the American Family Association, was troubled on Tuesday by the number of women in leadership roles in law enforcement at the shooting, notes (audio below).

Rios, who claims to be a Christian, began her rant by mocking Navy Secretary Ray Mabus for daring to mention grief counseling for those who needed it.

“It really struck me that the people that stood up to speak in the press conferences, the people leading the charge on this are all women. The captain of the D.C. police is Cathy Lanier, who by the way has a great reputation for what she does, so I'm not criticizing her, it's just that it's all women," ranted Rios (audio below).

"The FBI woman in charge was a little woman. And then the person that is in charge of the D.C. Capitol Police is a woman. And the FBI woman and the Capitol police woman, I'll just say, never mind, I won't say.”

Rios attacked Navy Secretary Mabus and the women again on Wednesday (audio below): “It was the chicks running the show yesterday. It is a shocking switch of roles.”

Apparently, Rios is unaware that women in 2013 actually have leadership roles in modern society.



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