Female Student Wears Tuxedo for School Yearbook, Controversy Ignites (Video)

Jessica Urbina, a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory school in San Francisco, wore a tuxedo in her yearbook picture, but it may not appear.

That was what Jessica's brother Michael says he was told last Thursday (video below).

In response, he started a social media campaign on Twitter, #JessicasTux, that resulted in numerous students wearing bow ties to school last Friday in support of Jessica, who reportedly often wears male clothing.

"I've seen all these people with all the ties," Jessica told NBC Bay Area. "Honestly, I've cried multiple times. I'm overwhelmed with all the support."

School officials told KTVU that Jessica violated the Archdiocese of San Francisco’s policy because she chose not to wear the required dress for female students in yearbook photos.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory school issued a statement on Friday on its website, which said in part: "These events have sparked a campus-wide dialogue which will result in a revision of policy."

But it's not clear if Jessica's tuxedo picture will be in the yearbook or not.

The school's principal Andy Cannon told Fox News, "Straight, gay, bi, transgender, they are all welcome in Sacred Heart Cathedral and at the same time we're going to be clear in terms of being a Catholic institution and what the Catholic Church teaches on how do we live out that faith in a meaningful way."

“I know this goes against tradition, but times are a-changing," countered student Tatiana Richardson. "It’s not just 'boys and girls' now, there is so much more. They teach at this Catholic school to be who were are, to accept everybody, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Sources: Fox News, NBC Bay Area, KTVU, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory


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