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Report: Female Dentist Executed By Islamic State For Working On Male Patients

A startling new report claims that a female dentist located in a city on the border of Iraq has been executed by the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, for treating men.

Dr. Rou’aa Diab was a dentist in Al-Mayadeen, right on the border of Iraq, and according to the report, she was arrested along with four others two days ago. She was charged with treating male patients and was not given a trial.

Dr, Diab was reportedly executed for what she did, and while it’s difficult to confirm that this story is true, Arabic news site Almasdar News has reported the story along with what they say is a picture of the dentist.

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If the account is true, the tragic news comes after ISIS released a video of American journalist James Foley being beheaded following a scripted statement that he allegedly was forced to read. In the statement, Foley, who was captured in 2012, blames the United States Government for his death and calls upon them to stop the airstrikes against ISIS.

Sources: Almasdar News, CNN


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