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'Fear of the Lord' Required to be Scientist, Mathematician Says Christian 'Historian' David Barton (Video)

Debunked Christian historian David Barton recently claimed that scientists, mathematicians and artists must have a “fear of the Lord” to do their job well.

Barton told the Trinity Broadcasting Network on Tuesday that Americans had gotten away from a “fear of the Lord,” noted (video below).

Ironically, Barton himself has denied science when claiming that global warming could not be man-made.

In his latest claims, Barton failed to note the numerous atheists who are Noble Prize-winning scientists and mathematicians, as well as successful musicians and actors.

“If you wanted to be a good scientist, you had to start with fear of the Lord. If you wanted to be a good mathematician, if you wanted to be a good preacher, if you wanted to be a good artist, whatever knowledge you needed, you had to start with fear of the Lord,” claimed Barton.

Barton then attacked public education, without mentioning how Republicans are often advocating educationbudget cuts.

“And that’s what happens with a secular approach to education. When we had a God-fearing approach to education, our educational knowledge was so much higher than what it is now,” added Barton.

“Just something as simple as having prayer in school and having a daily Bible reading. Did you know, back when we did that in schools, America was number one in the world in literacy? We had the highest literacy rate in the world … We’re now 68th in the world in literacy. Our knowledge of even how to read has fallen through the floor. [This] correlates exactly to the time we said, ‘Oh, fear of the Lord can’t be part of our knowledge.’”



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