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Father Outraged Over 'Offensive' Necklace (Photo)

Two students in Enola, Pennsylvania, have issued complaints about a necklace worn by their teacher.

In 1949, Act 14 (Sect. 1112) prohibited public school teachers from showing any kind of religious symbol or imagery in the classroom. Now, a parent of one of the two students at East Pennsboro Middle School has issued a formal complaint to the school district, claiming a teacher is violating the law by wearing the Star of David on their necklace.

“They are there to learn about education, not to learn about the religious points of view,” Ernest Perce told ABC 27. “If a child is subjected to a teacher where a symbol of Judaism is allowed to skirt the law, I believe that a Muslim should be allowed to cover her head as well as a Christian to cover her head like the Bible commands,” Perce continued.

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Perce went on to tell ABC 27 that he was once an atheist, but recently became an Orthodox Christian. Two years ago, he protested the 2012 “Year of the Bible.”

Perce reached out to the school’s district attorney and was not pleased with the response. The letter said that the school will not force the teacher to “discontinue wearing the religious symbol,” citing a ruling in western Pennsylvania that permitted a teacher assistant to wear a Christian cross.

Perce, however, is still fighting the case. He said that the board could be fined and the teacher suspended, according to the 1949 law. For now, Perce has removed his child from the teacher's classroom.

Source: ABC 27 / Photo Credit:, Pinterest


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