Father Accused Of Beating 14-Year-Old For 'Shaming' Him With Non-Muslim Boyfriend

A Muslim father in England is accused of savagely beating his 14-year-old daughter and threatening to kill her for dating a 15-year-old non-Muslim boy.

The 43-year-old allegedly told his daughter, “You have no faith in God. I'm going to kill you before the community finds out.”

He allegedly “whacked” her with a tennis racquet when he caught her walking with the boy, a Burnley Crown Court heard.

When the girl, now 16, stopped sending text messages, her boyfriend notified police.

The father, who was not named to protect the identity of his daughter, admitted to child cruelty.

Prosecutors said the girl’s mother overheard her talking about a boy on the telephone and picked up to listen in. When she learned she was seeing a non-Muslim teen, both parents began policing her activities and phone use to make sure she wasn’t still seeing the boy.

When she was caught walking with the boy after school, her father confronted them on the street.

“The girl was driven home, dragged from the vehicle, thrown to the floor and as she put it was 'whacked' several times with the racquet from the boot, as her father shouted: ‘Are you going to give me the phone?’" the prosecution said. “She was taken inside, her school bag was searched and she was hit again with the bat and slapped.”

The family told the court that the girl would have been expected to enter into an arranged marriage, like any "traditional Asian family." She no longer lives with her parents in their Blackburn home.

Judge Jonathan Gibson sentenced the father to 21 weeks suspended sentence and two years of supervision.

“What cannot be allowed to happen is the crossing of the line, which happened in your case, of resorting to unlawful physical violence,” Gibson ruled. “What you did, on any view, went way beyond what would be regarded as acceptable discipline or punishment.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Telegraph


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