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Family Lived 6 Months With Dad's Corpse, Prayed For Resurrection

A family in Hamilton, Ontario, lived with the body of their dad/husband for six months in hopes that the Canadian man would be resurrected from the dead.

As Peter Wald's body rotted away in an upstairs bedroom, the family prayed daily for him to come back to life.

When Kaling Wald was asked about her husband by neighbors, she told them that he was "in God's hands now."

Kaling pleaded guilty on Monday to failing to notify law enforcement that her husband died of an illness back in March 2013.

"We were trusting God," Kaling told the Spectator. "We thought, 'Okay Lord, you know better.'"

Peter, 52, suffered from diabetes, but refused to go to the hospital after his left foot became infected. He believed that God would heal him.

Instead, Peter fell into a coma. A few days later, Kaling noticed signs of rigor mortis so she covered his body in blankets and locked the bedroom door. Kaling also covered the air vents so no one would smell the corpse.

However, when a local sheriff evicted the family from their home for defaulting on the mortgage in Sept. 2013 the body was discovered, reports Reuters.

Coroner Dr. Jack Stanborough told CBC News that Peter's body was found in an “advanced state of decomposition."

"Evidence suggests he’d been dead for weeks, if not months,” added Stanborough.

Kaling, five of her six children and seven other adults were living in the house.

On Monday, Kaling was given a suspended sentence and 18 months of probation. She was told to seek therapy regarding "public health concerns," but says she still believes the dead can come back to life because of the many "documented" cases.

"In fact it has cast me more at the mercy of God, because He is the ultimate judge," added Kaling.

Sources: Spectator, CBC News, Reuters

Image Credit: Public Domain Superheroes


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