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Todd Bentley Says He Can Resurrect People With His Healing (Video)

Controversial faith healer Todd Bentley recently said that he will release a video of people being resurrected from the dead (video below).

Bentley made his promise in a broadcast posted on YouTube Dec. 14 by MorningStar Ministries, which is run by self-proclaimed prophet Rick Joyner. Joyner has been restoring Bentley's reputation since he divorced his wife and married a younger woman, according to

"Pray for us because we do have about 50 hours of full HD television footage of everything coming, and we will be releasing the TV footage of all the resurrections, and all the preaching, and all the crusades," Bentley says in the broadcast. "There’s actually gonna be some amazing footage coming, for the glory of God."

Bentley preached at Joyner's "Harvest Fest 2015" event in September and spoke about raising three people from the dead in Pakistan.

During another event in September, Bentley said that he had raised a total of 35 people from the dead. Bentley added that he has a "raising the dead tent" which he uses in Africa for resurrections of people who have been dead for up to four days.

"The closer they are to freshly dead the easier they are to resurrect," Bentley explained.

ABC News interviewed Bentley in 2008 and asked for proof of just three people that he had supposedly healed, but the network said no proof was provided by Bentley for even one healing.

Sources:, ABC News / Photo Credit: MorningStar Ministries Screenshot

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