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Faith-Based Film 'Generational Sins' Filled With F-Bombs

A new faith-based film, "Generational Sins," includes profanity, references to alcoholism and child abuse, and deliverance through Jesus Christ.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie includes the words "f***," "s***," "a**," "bi***," and "di**."

The film's executive producer, Thurman Mason, said: "People will call it 'faith-based' and we can't help that, but we're marketing it to secular audiences. We're creating a new genre, and there could definitely be pushback."

The movie also includes an anti-gay slur, "fa****," which is used by a villainous character, according to director Spencer T. Folmar, who co-wrote the script.

Mason said the film is trying to break away from stereotypes of Christians:

We're not shying away from anything. We live in an R-rated world, and covering up the darkness won't bring it into the light. There is objective, gospel truth in this movie. Hollywood stereotypes Christians as nutty fruitcakes detached from reality, but that's not the case and, as Christian filmmakers, we'd like to demonstrate that.

"The movie won't do well if it's advertised as faith-based," said Tom Snyder, the editor of the Christian-based Movieguide, which reviews films for faith-based audiences.

The movie is reportedly going to get Moveiguide's lowest ranking for language because of 32 expletives.

Movieguide founder Ted Baehr added: "It's off-putting for the audience. People don't swear that much in public, except maybe in the hallowed halls of Hollywood."

Chris Stone, founder of the Christian-based Faith Driven Consumer, said that he will recommend the flick to adults, but not to families: "It's more graphic than I'm comfortable with, but it's not unrealistic. It's an accurate portrayal of brokenness and sin, and some Christians will opt out."

However, it's not confirmed that Christians or anyone else will see the film because it still needs a distributor.

Film productions usually secure a distributor before they ever begin filming, but there have been produced films that picked up distributors on good word of mouth at film festivals.

The "Generational Sins" website was pleased by the coverage in The Hollywood Reporter:

CONTROVERSY! This is crazy! Thank you The Hollywood Reporter for a great article! This is exactly the response we wanted when we set out to make this movie. Can't wait to share it with all you!

Folmar explained more about the film on the movie's website:

We don't put cuss words in our films to be offensive or to for the sake of shock -- but to wake people up to the fact that the world is full of heavy darkness, people are suffering bitterly, and sin runs deep- and yet despite all of that - there is incredible radiant glorious eternity changing redemption available.

And films should most definitely show the world un-sanitized with authenticity in an artistic and true expression. Yes it's controversial, but there are far more weighty and important matters to discuss.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Generational Sins / Photo credit: Anna Frodesiak/Wikimedia Commons

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