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Faith-Based 1M4JC Finds Fame on Facebook During Recession

1M4JC is finding customers all over the globe. Recently, 1M4JC shipped its first products to both South Africa and the Netherlands.

1M4JC, which stands for One Million for Jesus Christ, launched in April 2008 with a goal of having 1,000,000 people all wearing the same shirt proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ. Initially, the company planned on selling only in the United States through its internet site and at Christian music festivals across the country. But, a few months after they launched, everything changed.

"We had no plans for international sales," said Rob Gettemy, founder of 1M4JC. "However, a few months after we launched, we were contacted on Facebook by a customer in Canada asking if she could order one of our serially numbered 1M4JC T-shirts. After a quick call to the import authorities in Canada, I found it was really pretty easy, and just like that we became an international company."

Since that time, 1M4JC has found customers in Hong Kong, the UK, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Another surprise for 1M4JC was the power of Facebook. Initially, they planned to advertise their products on Christian websites and through Christian affiliates. "Much to our surprise," said Gettemy, "we have found our best source of customers is Facebook." By using both paid advertising and a lot of time connecting with their customers on Facebook, 1M4JC has built a very strong following. Gettemy said the interaction among 1M4JC's customers when it comes to pictures and other postings is incredible. "It is very exciting to open my Facebook account and see a new picture posted or a status update that includes 1M4JC or just another 1M4JC discussion" said Gettemy.

1M4JC is committed to giving at least 30% of its profits to faith based missions. And while it is not yet profitable, it has already given to nearly 20 different organizations. A list of many of them can be found at the 1M4JC website at

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