Facebook Group Demands Removal of Cross in Michigan Town (Video)


A hydraulic cross on Dewey Hill in Grand Haven, Mich., may have to come down if an online group gets their way.

The hydraulic cross is rarely used, except for ten Sundays in the summer when a local church pays the City of Grand Haven $1320 to make the cross go up.

"It is hydraulic, and it goes up," Grand Haven Mayor Geri McCaleb told WZZM 13 (video below).

"When it is over, push a button and it goes down," added Mayor McCaleb. "The [nearby] stadium is rented by the church, and the cross is part of the rental of the whole waterfront stadium experience."

Mayor McCaleb says the city has been asked to remove the hydraulic cross by a group with a Facebook page called "Remove The Grand Haven Cross."

"The most recent e-mail I got from someone is not from the city of Grand Haven," Mayor McCaleb said.

The person who created the "Remove The Grand Haven Cross" Facebook page claims to represent Michigan citizens who want the city to remove the cross because it is an "improper entanglement with religion."

Mayor McCaleb added that the hydraulic cross turns into an anchor during the Coast Guard Festival.

According to the Grand Haven Tribune, the cross was created in 1962, but was blown down. The "10,000-pound hydraulic" version of the cross was donated by a local company in 1963.

It also served as a Nativity Scene in 1964, which was dedicated by then-Michigan Gov. George Romney (R).

Sources: WZZM 13, Grand Haven Tribune


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