Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Sandy Hook Massacre, Praise Deaths


It has been only a couple days since the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. The community, and entire country, is only in the beginning stages of mourning and healing from the tragic loss of 20 six and seven-year-old children and six adults.

Now, that healing will be interrupted, thanks to the disgusting plans of Westboro Baptist Church.

Revealed by a member of the religious group via Twitter, the Westboro Baptist Church will picket Sandy Hook Elementary, praising God for accomplishing his decision to take 26 lives.

Westboro Baptist Church is an unaffiliated religious group known for its extremism. Considered by many to be a hate group, the U.S. evangelical community refuses to be affiliated with the group, denouncing their actions.

Led by Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist is based in Topeka, Kansas with representatives around the country picketing events and promoting their anti-homosexual schema. If anyone needs convincing the group is reprehensible, you can learn more about them by visiting their website, GodHatesFags.com.

They’re against “soul-damning, nation-destroying filth” (as stated by Daily Mail) but somehow don’t realize they themselves are part of the filth. In the midst of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the group thought now would be the perfect time to celebrate the victims’ deaths.

Westboro Baptist member Shirly Phelps-Roper took to Twitter just hours after the incident and tweeted, “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing prase to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”

Outrage immediately, and appropriately, erupted. Many responded to the tweet, calling it “disgusting,” “unfathomable,” and “sick.”

The Newtown community isn’t taking Westboro Baptist’s plans lightly. Two residents, Taylor Starr and Kelly Shannon, started an Angel Action – Sandy Hook movement and have invited volunteers to help block the picketers from accessing the community and elementary school.

Romaine Patterson started the Angel Action movement in 1998. When gay teenager Matthew Shepard was killed in Laramie, Wyoming and protestors picketed outside the funeral, Patterson and others wore white angel costumes with wings seven feet high, blocking the protestors and their signs.

Starr and Shannon hope to accomplish the same for Sandy Hook. Volunteers with join Starr and Shannon and block Westboro Baptist members from protesting and sharing their hateful messages. Through all this tragedy, Newtown is standing strong and uniting together. One can only hope they can find peace, and time, to mourn and start to heal.


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