Extreme Muslim Protesters Take to London Streets To Demand Ban on Alcohol


Muslim protesters in took to the streets this week to demand that businesses in the Brick Lane area stop selling alcohol or face the threat of “40 lashes.”

Controversial Muslim leader Anjem Choudary led the group of protesters down the street. Choudary formerly led the Al-Muhajiroun group, but the group was banned under terrorism laws. Choudary and the protesters walked down Brick Lane with signs that read, “Save lives, don't drink or sell alcohol! Stand for Shariah!” and “Islam is the perfect system for all mankind.”

Choudary and the protesters made clear during the rally that alcohol should be banned in the popular area and that Shariah law should be adopted.

"The shops are run by Muslims and they know they are selling alcohol and they know the sale and consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited,” said Choudary to the supporters. “We cannot live among the non-Muslims and see this evil take place."

Close to 60 men and women, the women dressed in burkas, handed out warning letters to Muslim business owners on Brick Lane, warning them that should they continue to sell alcohol, they would have to face 40 lashes.

Choudary has been labeled a Muslim extremist by many and is known to be associated with many extremist groups that have ties to terrorism. Some of the groups that Choudary is associated with were recently called the “single biggest gateway to terrorism in recent British history.”


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