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Examples of Some Really Bad Church Signs

There are plenty of websites that generate fake church signs, but thankfully there are still more than enough real examples of church messages that can evoke emotions across the spectrum. I’ve collected a few of my favorites here and thought I’d share.

I’ve passed on all of the cliche ones like “God answers knee-mail’ and “CH _ _ CH –what’s missing? U – R!” and gone for ones that have really grabbed my attention, though not necessarily in the way they intended to.


Image placeholder title

There’s an especially hot spot in hell for lawnmower stealers…

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A compelling case for changing the church sign at least once every three months or so.

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The lesser-known sequel to the Katy Perry hit single.

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God is Love…and AIDS…and Tsunamis.

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So does this mean that it’s impossible to be gay and have rickets?

Send me your favorites and I’ll post them in the future.


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