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Ex-Soldier Benjamin Sebena Kills Wife So She Can Go to Heaven

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Wounded Iraq War veteran Benjamin Sebena will receive a life sentence on Friday after shooting his wife on Christmas Eve in the hopes that he would send her to heaven.

Sebena was apparently fearful that his wife Jennifer would kill herself after he threatened to commit suicide himself.

According to the sentencing memorandum that was filed Tuesday, Sebena should at least be eligible for parole considering his claims that he has suffered post dramatic stress disorder and brain injury.

Sebena’s reentry into civilian life after an honorable discharge has included depression, insomnia, flashbacks and anxiety following a mortar attack.

Sebena stole a gun from his father’s house and waited for his wife outside a Wauwatosa fire station until she walked outside, then shot her during an overnight patrol shift.

After killing his wife, Sebena went home to shoot himself, though neither handgun discharged. Instead, he planned to shoot the police he knew would be coming to his house and be killed in police defense.

When officers neglected to arrive at his house, Sebena texted his wife, questioning whether he had actually killed her. Considering his battle with insomnia, he believed that shooting her might have been a dream.

Police finally called Sebena and interviewed him for six hours before he was arrested.

He later pleaded guilty to first-degree intentional homicide.

Sources: Journal Sentinel, Fox News


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