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Ex-Megachurch Pastor: Anorexia May Be From Satan (Video)

Mark Driscoll, the controversial ex-pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, released a video (below) May 16 in which he suggested that anorexia may be caused by Satan.

Seattle Pi reports that Driscoll, who is now heading the Trinity Church in Phoenix, does not follow studies from the National Institutes of Health, but rather blames anorexia on "the pressure from media and culture that causes concerns over body image that leads to anorexia," and possibly the devil.

Driscoll's website states: "Are eating disorders a sin, or a disease?" and lists nine possible causes. One of the alleged causes is "oppression and deliverance," which he includes in his theory about Satanic forces in the video.

Christian blogger and psychologist Warren Throckmorton notes that Driscoll was replying to a woman who wrote him about her anorexia and asked him if the eating disorder was a sin.

According to Seattle Pi, Driscoll told the woman that she may have medical problems, but didn't make medical treatment recommendations.

Throckmorton, who added that Driscoll does not advise the woman to seek competent help, transcribed Driscoll's "oppression and deliverance" section in which he mentions anorexia and Satan:

Number four, there is oppression and deliverance. This is where Satan, demons are lying to you, tempting you. The Bible says that Satan is the accuser of the children of God that he accuses them day and night in Revelation 12:10 there are accusations.

And if you start realizing this oppression, you can get out of it by acknowledging what God has to say. Oppression, often times, an accusation, is in the second person: "You are unlovable. You need to punish yourself. You don’t appear attractive."

Whatever the oppression is, it’s telling you something that’s just not true. And so, what you need to understand is that’s demonic, that God doesn’t speak to you that way and if you’re hearing in the second person, maybe someone is talking to you, a spiritual being is lying to you, and I’ll get to that in just a moment, and the way out is deliverance.

You have victory in Christ, Colossians 2 says He has disarmed and defeated the powers and principalities of evil, triumphing over them through his victorious forgiveness of us sinners on the cross.

You belong to Jesus, it's obvious to me that you love him, you want to walk with him, you want be healed by him and you need to be delivered from this oppression.

It sounds like this oppression came on you, and your mom and your sisters. It might even be generational. It might even be generations of women in your family are under this kind of demonic torment and oppression and God wants you to rebuke that and to walk in freedom and deliverance.

(Note: This portion of the video below experienced jiggling in its transfer to YouTube, but there was no jiggling in Driscoll's original full video that is linked below.)

Sources: Warren Throckmorton,, Seattle Pi / Photo credit: Mark Driscoll Ministries via YouTube

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