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Ex-Lesbian Anne Paulk Claims Most Lesbians Were Sexually Abused (Video)

Self-proclaimed "ex-gay" John Paulk renounced the ex-gay movement in April and announced that his twenty-year marriage to his ex-lesbian wife, Anne Paulk, was over.

John is the former chairman of Exodus International, a Christian ministry that pioneered “ex-gay therapy," which he also renounced.

However, his soon-to-be ex-wife Anne recently appeared on “Joni Table Talk,” a Christian talk show on the Daystar cable channel, to continue her crusade against lesbians (video below).

"I did a study and sixty-six percent of [lesbian] women had incurred sexual abuse early on in their lives," claimed Anne, noted

"But astoundingly ninety percent of the girls who were leaving homosexuality had expressed that they had been a witness to sexual abuse or physical abuse or serious emotional abuse or any number of serious verbal abuse.”

Anne added: "That wounding leaves you hurting. It leaves you with a craving to feel a need and a hole that’s left in one’s life. That's pretty much what created the drive in my life and is very common for girls.”

Later in the show, host Jodi Lamb told viewers: "I ask you to pray for John and Anne, and you're going through a personal struggle right now in your marriage and we don't have to get into the details of that, but I know those of you who have watched me, you love this couple and you are believing for God's best for them" (video below).

Source: The Advocate and


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