"Ex-Gay" GOP Candidate Linda Wall had Affair with "Minor"

A woman running for the Republican nomination for the Virginia House is admitting that she had a lesbian affair with a "minor" while she was a high school gym teacher decades ago. But not to worry, GOP voters, she now says religion "cured" her of her homosexuality.

Linda Wall told The Associated Press, "Forty years ago I was a different person. I was a heavy pot smoker with... impaired judgment and made some bad choices. You do that in college sometimes. Some people do, some people don't."

The relationship was actually revealed in a deposition in 2006 during a failed state Senate run, when the 61-year-old Wall admitted that she resigned her job at the school in the 1970s when the girl's parents confronted her about it. But now it is news because she is running for office again.

'I've never tried to hide that I was in homosexuality. If anybody Googles me, they would find that out there,' she said.

Wall now considers herself "ex-gay," cured by God, she writes on her website:

When I went away to Longwood College, I allowed liberal professors to destroy my Judeo-Christian upbringing. I guess one could say I became the 'prodigal daughter'. But when my rebellious years came to a close I knew it was the Lord that I needed.

Wall now routinely speaks out against legislation that "promotes homosexual lifestyles."

The Daily Mail points out that there is no statute of limitations on felonies, so if the girl were to come forward, Wall could theoretically face criminal charges.


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