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Ex-Gay Debra Gauthier Claims to Have Made Covenant With Satan (Video)

Debra Gauthier appeared on the 700 Club today to explain how she became a lesbian, but later turned into an ex-gay.

She has written a book, which includes how she made a “covenant with Satan” during a gay wedding ceremony.

On the 700 Club (video below), Gauthier recalled how her father used to beat her mother and gave her a "deep-rooted fear of men" and how she "had no relationship with men."

She started dating women in college, but says, "there was a lot of inner turmoil going on. There's something about that, that is not right. It's not natural."

Gauthier later became first female police officer in Las Vegas, but says several male officers conspired against her.

She became suicidal, but turned to God before killing herself. Gauthier said she read in the Bible that homosexuality was a sin and realized she had “bought the lie.”

According to, Gauthier has written a book about her experiences, Bright Lights, Dark Places, in which she recalls dating a “practicing witch” whom she had a gay wedding ceremony with:

Our ceremony was led by a gay male priest and a women priestess. We lit candles and performed cultic rituals, and I sensed the darkness around us. I had no idea that I had just entered into covenant with Satan and opened my life up to the demonic realm.

In my pursuit of spirituality, I became more aware of the demonic realm and began to struggle with fear. I found myself blinded by my own darkness as I opened my soul up more and more to Satan, who masquerades as an angel of light.

As I got deeper into spiritualism, a gift of discerning spirits was activated in me. At the time I was dating Diana, a practicing witch whom I had met at a New Age conference. Diana introduced me to demon worship and a new level of darkness.

One evening as she began to seduce me, my spiritual eyes were opened, and I saw the demon in her sneering back at me. It horrified me! I jumped up, quickly got dressed, and ran out of there. This was the beginning of the blinders coming off my eyes and the exposure of the present dark kingdom of which I was very much a part.



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