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Televangelist Likens Sanders To Hitler (Video)

Former convicted criminal and current televangelist Jim Bakker appeared to compare Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont to Adolf Hitler during a recent broadcast (video below).

During a telecast of "The Jim Bakker Show" in mid-March, the evangelist concluded that a "socialist" politician, who is popular with young people, reminded him of the rise of Hitler:

One of the most popular politicians right now is a socialist. And who is his biggest following? The young people of America from the colleges. Maybe you understand a little bit what it felt like to live when Hitler was reigning and the church had to sit by and keep watching it and watching until millions, tens of millions, they had to build factories to kill people. All it takes is a couple bombs and all of America will be dead within a year, less than a year, just months.

Sanders, who is Jewish, calls himself a Democratic Socialist and defined Democratic Socialism on his website:

So let me define for you, simply and straightforwardly, what democratic socialism means to me. It builds on what Franklin Delano Roosevelt said when he fought for guaranteed economic rights for all Americans.

And it builds on what Martin Luther King, Jr. said in 1968 when he stated that; 'This country has socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the poor.' It builds on the success of many other countries around the world that have done a far better job than we have in protecting the needs of their working families, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor.

Bakker (married at the time to Tammy Faye Bakker) had sex with church secretary Jessica Hahn in the 1980s, paid her $265,000 in hush money, and was convicted of fraud and racketeering in 1989, noted. Bakker was paroled in 1994.

Sources: The Jim Bakker Show via, / Photo Credit: The Jim Bakker Show via YouTube

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