Religious Ex-Con Advises Students Against Sex (Video)


David Gaskill, an employee of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), has reportedly been praying with and proselytizing students in Hillsborough County, Florida (video below).

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) cited 54 instances (with pictures) that were posted on the FCA Tampa Bay Facebook page, which has since been removed, since at least 2014.

Many of the pictures and captions -- included in an FFRF letter sent to the superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools April 13 -- show Gaskill with football players and other school athletes.

FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel wrote in the letter: "Public school sports teams cannot employ, even on a voluntary basis, a spiritual leader or chaplain for their teams because public schools may not advance or promote religion. Furthermore, it is illegal for public school athletic coaches to lead or allow someone to lead their teams in prayer."

One Facebook picture (above) from March 13 included the caption: "After 3 players in my schools had babies last month I felt a need to have a heart-to-heart talk with the football players at King High School about God's rules on sex."

The FFRF said in a press release April 20 that Gaskill has used peer pressure to convince students to "commit their lives to Christ."

The atheist group called on the school district to sever its relationship with Gaskill, ban him from school district property and events, and reprimand the coaches who allowed Gaskill to proselytize and pray with student teams.

"This is one of the worst violations by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes that we've ever dealt with," Seidel added. "The schools have given Gaskill complete, unsupervised access to proselytize other people's children." notes that Gaskill became a Christian while he was imprisoned on seven felony counts stemming from his massive drug addiction. 

Gaskill, who has referred to himself as a "convict" in his Christian testimony is not accused of any criminal acts with the students.

Sources: Freedom From Religion Foundation (2), / Photo credit: FCA Tampa Bay Facebook via FFRF

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