Ex-Atlanta Fire Chief Claims God Will Vindicate Him (Video)

Former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran was terminated in January by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed for allegedly not getting permission from the city to write, self-publish and distribute a 2013 book entitled “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

Part of the book condemned homosexuality per Cochran's Christian beliefs. On Jan. 13, a group of pastors held a rally on his behalf, reported OneNewsNow.com.

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a discrimination complaint on behalf of Cochran against the City of Atlanta with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Jan. 22, noted the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

During an appearance at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cartersville, Georgia, on Jan. 25, Cochran reportedly claimed that his firing was something that God had chosen to do in order to further His Kingdom (video below).

GA Voice reports that Cochran also compared his suffering to the Biblical figures such as Job, Daniel and Jesus Christ who were all blessed.

Cochran added that his trouble came for talking about sex for pro-creation, which can only happen between a man and a woman as God intended.

Cochran also insisted that God would vindicate him for standing for righteousness.

Sources: GA Voice, OneNewsNow.com, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Image Credit: Vimeo Screenshot


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