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Everyone Is Going to Heaven

When God looks at us - that is, the human race - He does not see Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, agnostics or any of the other categories into which we are constantly filing ourselves.  He sees people.  His people.

We are His people by virtue of two momentous and unchangeable facts.  The first one is that He created us.  The second is that He died for us.  I am speaking, of course, about Jesus Christ.

Now I know you may tell me that He was a Jew and you would be right.  But He did not die just for the Jews - He died for everyone.  Neither for Christians only did He die.  He died for everyone.  Because He died for everyone, everyone goes to heaven.  This is what the Bible teaches (and I explain that at

That everyone is going to heaven does not mean that we throw morals out the window.  On the contrary, we are judged for every single thing we think, say, and do.  In fact, all the ills that we see in the world today can be traced to the sins of human beings.  Therefore, if we were to live more morally we would see less trouble in the earth.  Moreover, the more morally we live the better will be our experience in heaven. 

The fear of God is way out of fashion in our day - but it is to our disgrace and detriment that this is so.  Do not think that organized religion will redeem you from this situation because it does not fear God any more than secular society does.  It just pays a lip service to God that secular society is unwilling to pay.  But God does not want lip service; He wants our heartfelt love.

If you turn to God, He will know it.  If you stop living for yourself and live for Him, He will know it.  If you lay down your life for others as a sacrifice to God, He will know it.  Fear God and keep His commandments.  That will make your rejoicing when you get to heaven a lot more satisfying.


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