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Muslims Strike Back With "Everybody Draw Holocaust Day"

May 20th was Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. It was a great success. The day was a protest against Muslims who threaten violence upon those who depict their prophet. The idea was: If millions of people draw Mohammed, Muslims can’t murder them all. The main purpose was to defend the right of free speech around the world.

Now, some Muslim guy is ’striking back’ with a Facebook group called Everybody Draw Holocaust Day (June 20th). His summary is:

The difference is that you draw Lies about Muhammad and we draw Truth about you. That you seek to bring unrest and conflict, and we wish to uncover the reality so injustice is no more.

Michael Peck writes:

His semi-coherent manifesto seems to be that if people have the right to draw the Prophet Muhammed, then they have the right to question the existence of the Holocaust.

Um, yeah. That’s the whole point. The whole point of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was to assert our rights to speak freely, whether other people like it or not.

And so of course everyone who supported free speech with Everybody Draw Mohammed Day will be happy to support free speech with Everybody Draw Holocaust Day.

The purpose for these Muslims seems to be to assert that the Holocaust never happened, or has been exaggerated. And I defend their right to say that, even though I disagree. So here’s my message to the Muslims on that Facebook group:

Go for it. I defend everyone’s right to free speech, just as I did during Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

Michael Peck agrees:

Go right on ahead. Every time someone draws Muhammed, write a Facebook post that claims that 6 million Jews were never killed, and that they have really spent the last 65 years hiding in Grandma Sadie’s basement. Every time someone satires Muhammed, wave banners proclaiming that the Nazi death camps were actually vacation resorts. See if anyone threatens to kill you. But also see if this stops the cartoons or enhances respect for Islam.

I defend Muslim’s rights to deny the holocaust. I disagree, and I will hold them in contempt, but I will not threaten them with violence. That’s what ‘free speech’ means.


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